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Legal form – Public university

The Faculty of Public Administration’s mission is: to be a high-quality and professional interdisciplinary repository of knowledge, which it achieves through the ongoing development of administrative disciplines, research, integration into Slovenian and international practice and the transfer of knowledge and findings into public-administration education and training.

The Faculty of Public Administration’s vision is: “The Faculty of Public Administration will be a source of sought-after expertise, particularly in the field of public administration. It will be distinguished by its innovative educational approaches, interesting lectures, high-quality research work and experts who participate in the shaping of professional opinion both inSlovenia and abroad. The educational process will be based on the connection between the faculty, students and employers so that its graduates will be employable inSlovenia and abroad. The Faculty of Administration will be a well-organised educational establishment, with roles that are clearly defined, allocated and respected. Its employees will be devoted to the fulfilment of its mission. They will have the opportunity for personal development.”

The Faculty of Public Administration through the projects on cross-border issues in last few years become aware of this important issue and is willing to widen the activities regarding cross-border issues.