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IEP Strasbourg


The Institute for Political Studies (IEP) of the University of Strasbourg is one of the highly selective French grandes écoles. Each academic year it enrols 1500 students, including 400 international students. At the conclusion of a five-year multidisciplinary curriculum, the IEP students receive the internationally recognised Master’s level degree of the Institute.

As a prestigious European educational institution, IEP graduates prepare for high-level careers in both French and international spheres. The IEP has always played a prominent role in European education and exchanges, with participation in the Erasmus programme. This European strategy is facilitated by the geographical location of Strasbourg and the proximity of the European institutions that offer many opportunities for varied collaborations as well as student internship opportunities.

Three Master degrees focus particularly on European integration: the Master 2 in Public Administration with a speciality in local and regional policies in Europe, the Master 2 in European Political Studies and the Master 2 in International Relations and Processes of Regional Integration with a speciality on Cross-border Cooperation. The IEP also has approximately 130 university exchange partners all over the world and six joint Master’s programmes with universities in Canada, Belgium, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The Research activities of the IEP also focus on European Studies: SAGE is a joint research unit from the university and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Political Social Sciences specialised in European affairs. Dynamiques Européennes is an inter-disciplinary joint research unit that focuses on contemporary European dynamics, with a focus on actors of European integration and on cross-border cooperation.

Finally, IEP is member of the public administration cluster (Pôle européen d’administration publique) which gathers the Ecole d’administration publique (ENA), the University of Strasbourg and the Alsatian local and regional authorities. The IEP is also a member of the Transfrontier Euroinstitute Network (TEIN), which regroups twelve teaching organizations and universities from European cross-border territories and the Border Region Associations Mission opérationnelle transfrontalière (MOT) and Association for European Border Regions (AEBR).