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1- Legal form

Part of the Europa-Universität Viadrina which is a foundation university. The former project EGTC Center of Excellence has been part of the Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

2- General aim and the main mission of the institution

The Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION is a central research institution of the European University Viadrina. It combines and initiates analyses in the fields of social sciences, cultural studies, economics, and law on the processes of marking, transgressing, dissolving and re-establishing borders. As a joint project undertaken by all three faculties, the center brings together the internationally established research priorities of the Viadrina and deepens transdisciplinary perspectives. Founded in May 2013, the research institution is to be expanded into a center for international border research through interdisciplinary research projects, the targeted promotion of early career scholars, cooperation with both national and international partners and the establishment of a digital scientific platform called B/ORDER STUDIES.

 3- Description of the role of the institution regarding cross-border issues

Some projects like the EGTC Center of Excellence analyses cross-border cooperation from a political and legal perspective. Concepts like (Cross-Border/ multilevel) Governance, Regionalism/-isation and Europeanization are being applied. The research group “Border & Boundary Studies” focuses on theories of borders, boundaries and cross-border cooperation

4- Activities / References regarding cross-border issues

  • 2018 Workshop at the Europe Day to the topic „Europe and its borders“ in cooperation with the Frankfurt-Słubicer cooperation center in Frankfurt (Oder)
  • 2017 Seminar „Border(land) Studies: Theories and Empirics” at the Europa-Universität Viadrina (7 June – 13 July) at the Summer School „Ambivalences of Europeanization. Concepts, Conflicts & Challenges“
  • 2017 Workshop at the Europe Day to the topic „Cross-border cooperation as a countermodelt o re-nationalization processes in the EU“ in cooperation with the Frankfurt-Słubicer cooperation center in Frankfurt (Oder)
Research, conferences and seminars

Own organization of conferences

  •  2018 Organisation, Execution and Moderation of the Panel “Conditions and Obstacles for cross-border Cooperation in Europe” at the conference “B/ORDERS IN MOTION: Current challenges and future perspectives” in Frankfurt (Oder) and in Słubice
  •  2018 Organisation, execution and moderation of the conference „Collaborative Research in Horizon 2020. Promoting German-Polish Cooperation in EU Research Funding“ (with Geny Piotti) at the Europa-Universität Viadrina and the Collegium Polonicum in Słubice
  •  2017 Organisation, execution and moderation of the Panels „Infrastructuring Borders“ at the conference „Tensions in Europe. Borders and Technology“, Athens (with Dominik Gerst)
  •  2016 Organisation, execution and moderation of the conference „Complex borders – Dimensions, Dynamics, Technologies” (with Dominik Gerst, Maria Klessmann, Hannes Krämer, Mitja Sienknecht) at the Europa-Universität Viadrina (funded by the Thyssen Foundation)
  •  2016 2nd EGTC Conference “10 years EGTC – a critical summary” at the Europa–Universität Viadrina
  •  2015 Organisation and execution of Autumn School ”Crossing borders in theory and practice – From the Permeability of the Border to the liminality of new actors and spaces?”, at the Collegium Polonicum in Słubice, Poland (funded by the Volkswagen Foundation).
  • 2014 1st EGTC Conference “Reform of the EGTC regulation”


  • June 2018: Presentation “Cross-Border Governance as an approach to examine bilateral relationships between Poland and Germany?” at Kick-Off Workshop “How to examine bilateral relationship among the European countries – new approaches and challenges” in Wroclaw
  •  2018 Presentation „Der EVTZ als Instrument für die deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbeit (am Beispiel des geplanten EVTZ TransOderana)“ at DBU Conference „Muskauer Kulturlandschaft“ in Bad Muskau
  •  2018 Presentation “Participatory Governance at EU borders. Cases from the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)” in the panel “Old borders – new challenges, new borders – old challenges. Debordering and re-bordering in contemporary Europe“ at Conference „18th International Academic Conference. EUROPE OF THE 21ST CENTURY – Europe and the European Union in the face of new challenges” at Collegium Polonicum in Słubice, Poland.
  •  2017 Presentation „Cooperation in Science und Regional development at the German-Polish border area“ at the „Residence Directors Conference“, Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder)
  •  2017 Presentation „Of (dis-)junctures and changing belongings – taking a temporal perspective on borders and boundaries“, at the conference „Mechanisms for Cultural Exclusion and Frontier Zones”, Sankt Petersburg/Russia (with Concha Maria Höfler)
  •  2017 Presentation „Research in Border and Boundary Studies“ at the Viadrinicum Summer School „BorderLab. Borderland Experiences: Conflict, Dialogue, and the Arts“, Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder)
  •  2017 Presentation at Fourth Kongress Poland Research. Presentation about “Challenges of contemporary border research” at Collegium Polonicum in Słubice with Hannes Krämer and Dominik Gerst
  •  2017 Presentation at “Castle Talks on Cross-Border Cooperation. Conflict and Cooperation at EU Borders. European Borders as models of cooperation. What if the border comes back in Europe” in the “Introductory Panel” to the topic “The EGTC as a safeguard against the reemergence of the border” in Strasbourg
  •  2016 Presentation ”Participatory Governance in the Europe of the cross-border regions” at the ABS Europe Annual Conference at University Luxembourg in the Panel “Growth and sustainability – Session 3 Institutional aspects and dynamics of cross-border cooperation”
  •  2016 Two Presentations at ”3-Ländertagung DVPW, ÖVPW & SVPW” in Heidelberg:
  • “Participatory Governance in a Europe of the (cross-border) Regions”
  • ”Cross-Border functional cooperation in German-Polish border region: Actors, strategies and institutions”
  •  2016 Presentation at the conference “Polish border regions in transition” in Wrocław (Polen), organized by Institute of Sociology, Center for Regional and Border Studies at University  Wrocław.
  •  2016 Presentation at the Regional Studies Association (RSA) Annual Conference “Building Bridges: Cities and Regions in a Transnational World” in Graz. Vortrag zu “Territorial Governance in the German-Polish border region. The example of the TransOderana EGTC” (Panel “Cohesion, Competition, and Smart Cities”)
  •  2016 Presentation at the Conference of the DVPW ”The limits of democracy“ in Aachen, Presentation “Institutionalizing (cross-border) citizenship on subnational level – The European Grouping of territorial Cooperation (EGTC) as new regional space for participatory and functional governance in Europe?”
  •  2015 Presentation at the EGPA conference 2015 in Toulouse, Presentation to “Does Cross-Border Institutionalization enhance regional administrative capacities? The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) as a new actor in the EU Multilevel Governance?” (Panel PSG XIV: Multilevel Administration)
  •  2015 Presentation at the CES conference “Contradictions – Envisioning European Futures. 22nd International Conference of Europeanists“, Science Po, Paris: Presentation on “Institutionalizing (cross-border) citizenship on subnational level –The European Grouping of territorial Cooperation (EGTC) as new space for participatory and functional governance in Europe?” (Panel “Regions as Actors within and beyond the state – Regions in Europe”)
  •  2014 Presentation at the Cooperation Symposium of InvestorCenters Ostbrandenburg (ICOB) in Frankfurt (Oder) on „New forms of cooperation and networking in the German-Polish economic area”
  •  2014 Presentation at the EUBORDERREGIONS Conference “BORDERS, REGIONS, NEIGHBORHOODS: Interactions and experiences at EU external frontiers” at University Tartu. Presentation on “Institutionalization of Cross-Border Cooperation Enhancing Multilevel Governance and European Integration? A case study on the German-Polish Eurodistrict TransOderana EGTC” (Panel 6B: Mobilities and Partnerships [II])
  •  2014 Präsentation bei der 1.EVTZ–Konferenz “Die Reform der EVTZ– Verordnung – Neuer Schwung für die grenzüberschreitende Kooperation von Hoheitaträgern” an der Europa–Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Vortrag zu “Neue Förderperiode als Chance für den EVTZ?” (Panel „EVTZ in der Regional- und Förderpolitik”) 2014 Präsentation bei der Tagung des Frankfurter Instituts für Transformationsstudien (FIT) an der Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Vortrag zu “Cross-Border Institutionalization enhancing European integration on the regional layer?”


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