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Viadrina Center B/Orders in Motion


Gerst, Dominik/Klessmann, Maria/Krämer, Hannes/Sienknecht, Mitja/Ulrich, Peter (ed.) (2018): Komplexe Grenzen. Special Issue Journal Berliner Debatte Initial, 1/18.
Gerst, Dominik/Klessmann, Maria/Krämer, Hannes/Sienknecht, Mitja/Ulrich, Peter (2018): Komplexe Grenzen. Perspektiven aktueller Grenzforschung. Journal Berliner Debatte Initial 1/18, p. 3-11.
Ulrich, Peter/ Krzymuski, Marcin (2018): Actor´s Participation in Cross-Border Governance Structures at the German-Polish Border. Case Studies from the Viadrina Region. In: Wassenberg, [...]

Université Savoie Mont Blanc

‘Entreprisation diffuse’ et territoires en Russie : quelques considérations théoriques, Texte au sein des Mélanges en l’honneur du professeur Claude Courlet, Editions L’Harmattan, pp. 203 – 220
Brunat E., 2014
Cosmopolitisme et réaction : le triangle Allemagne-France-Italie dans l’entre-deux-guerres
Dir. Ute Lemke, Massimo Lucarelli, Emmanuel Mattiato. Préface Georges-Henri Soutou
Chambéry, Editions Université Savoie Mont Blanc – Laboratoire LLSETI, [...]

Association of Development and Regional Co-operation OLZA


Kowalski, M., (2004), Śląsk Cieszyński po obu stronach Olzy, Kraków, Bezdroża, 144 s.
Kowalski, M., (2009), Śląsk Cieszyński po obu stronach Olzy, Kraków, Polska Turystyczna, 144 s.

Scientific articles
Olszewski, M., (2011), Rola Biura Stowarzyszenia Rozwoju i Współpracy Regionalnej „Olza” (polskiego partnera umowy pod nazwą Euroregion Śląsk Cieszyński) w zarządzaniu Funduszem Mikroprojektów Programu Operacyjnego Współpracy Transgranicznej Republika Czeska-Rzeczpospolita [...]

Carinthia University of Applied Sciences CUAS


Publications/Conference papers

Cultural and Institutional Challenges for Austrian Expatriates in South East Europe. 19th Annual Conference on Marketing and Business Strategies for Central & Eastern Europe, 01-03 December 2011, Wien
Dietachmair, B. and Sternad, D.

Beyond Needs Analysis in the Alps-Adriatic Region. Cross-Border Training and Impact Assessment in Ireland and Europe: An International Conference, 27-28 October 2011, [...]

Centre for Cross Border Studies


Publications, journals and books
Provides management support for a number of cross-border and all-Ireland networks in higher education, teacher education and spatial planning:

UniversitiesIreland (7 universities inIrelandand 2 inNorthern Ireland)
Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS)(34 universities, colleges of education, teaching and curriculum councils and other providers of teacher education on theislandofIreland)
Irish-African Partnership forResearchCapacityBuilding(9 Irish universities and [...]

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Administration


The journal Uprava /Administration has been published by Faculty of Administration,UniversityofLjubljana, since 2003.
The mission of the journal Uprava/Administration is to inform the expert public about theoretical and practical issues and solutions in the field of public administration, the present key trends in public administration development both globally and in Slovenia, and to inform readers of [...]

European Institute for Territorial Cooperation (EITC)


Collection “Les Cahiers de l’IECT”
IECT – The Intercultural dimension in European projects: how does it add value ? , compiled by Marie DANCOURT-CAVANAGH
IECT – Coopération territoriale : des projets au service de la citoyenneté européenne



Guide interculturel pour l’animation de réunions transfrontalières
Dir. Evelyne Will-Muller, Jacques Demorgon.
Luxembourg, Editions Saint Paul, 2007.
Mallette pédagogique INTERFORM
N°1 : Formation de chefs de projets transfrontaliers.
N°2 : Coopération sanitaire transfrontalière – Aspects méthodologiques.
Coordination rédactionnelle : Anne Thevenet, Anne Dussap, Eddie Pradier.
The European Dimension of Administrative Culture
Dir. Joachim Beck, Franz Thedieck.
Nomos Verlag (Baden-Baden), 2008.
L’Europe sans frontières – [...]

Institut EuroSchola

Design and organisation of 6 conferences dedicated to the CBC issues.
2006: Compendium of Model CBC Projects Realised by Schools
Existing Courses

How to Prepare the Cross-Border Project
Animation of the CBC Project Creation
Funding the CBC
How to Overcome Intercultural Barrier in Conducting CBC
Informal Learning as a Tool for CBC
EGTC Tool in the Current EU
The IT Tools for CBC
Simulation Business [...]