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Save the date! Conference „Conflict and cooperation at EU borders – Borders as sources of violence: What if the Borders threatens us?”

08.11.2017 (evening) / 09.11.2017 (all day)

Conference „Conflict and cooperation at EU borders – Borders as sources of violence:
What if the Borders threatens us?”

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Save the date Conference: Good practice in cross-border cooperation in the Upper Rhine region

Save the date

Conference: Good practice in cross-border cooperation in the Upper Rhine region

A series of international study visits funded by the Interreg programme V A for the Polish-Czech Euroregion Cieszyn Silesia takes the project partners to different European border regions in the framework of the TEIN (Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network) in order [...]

“Enhancing Capacities of Regions and Cities for Better Cross-Border Cooperation“

“Enhancing Capacities of Regions and Cities for Better Cross-Border Cooperation“ 

Workshop – 10/10/2017 – 14.30

Room JDE-51, Jacques Delors Building, 99-101 rue Belliard, Brussels


The TEIN (Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network) and its associated partners the MOT (Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière) and the AEBR (Association of European Border Regions) as well as the CESCI (Central European [...]

How to solve problems effectively and facilitate cross-border cooperation - good practices in the Irish Border region

The first international study meeting which was organized within the framework of ‘TEIN – platform for cross-border dialogue’ co-financed from Polish-Czech INTERREG V-A Program, and took place from 20th to 21st June in the Irish Border region, has brought its participants many interesting experiences.

During the first day representatives of institutions involved in the project (‘Olza’Association, [...]

Castle Talks on Cross Border Cooperation : What if the border comes back in Europe?

The second session of “Castle Talks on Cross-Border Cooperation”, part of the series of conferences organised in the framework of the Jean Monnet Project on conflicts and border cooperation in the European Union, took place this past February 20/21 at the Château de Pourtalès. In the effort to exchange practices and knowledge, these conferences brought [...]

Project “TEIN - platform for cross-border dialogue” approved!

The Polish and Czech partners of the TEIN succeeded in their application for an INTERREG PL-CZ microproject.

A grant was approved in order to create a platform for cross-border dialogues between European countries with historically conflictual pasts. The target groups of the project include public institutions – such as governments, universities, and research institutions, NGOs within [...]

Steering Committee - TEIN

On November 9th the TEIN-network’s steering committee came together at the Euro-Institut in Kehl. On the agenda was an update of the networks latest activities and an exchange of recent developments underwent by each member, reports about ongoing and future bilateral and multilateral initiatives (such as the Jean Monnet Project on Conflicts and [...]

November 7-9 - Conflict and Cooperation at EU Borders: Open or Closed Borders?

On November 7th and 8th the conference “Conflict and Cooperation at EU Borders: Open or Closed Borders?” took place in the Château de Pourtalès in Strasbourg. The conference marked the starting point of the Jean Monnet Project about conflict and cooperation at EU borders. The project aims at allowing an exchange of experiences [...]

Border obstacles in the EU: experts have their say

DG REGIO has launched this Cross-Border Review, an initiative structured around 3 pillars: a study, to provide an inventory of critical border obstacles together with examples of how these have been addressed on certain borders; an extensive public consultation; and four workshops with key stakeholders.

On 28 January 2016, the second of a series of four [...]

Centre for Cross Border Studies - Annual 2016 Conference "Bordering between Unions: what does the UK Referendum on Europe mean for us? - 18-19 February 2016, Dundalk

Prime Minister David Cameron hopes to secure renegotiated terms for the United Kingdom’s EU membership at the European Council summit on the 18th-19th of February, which is to be put before the public in an ‘In-Out’ referendum.

This year’s annual Centre for Cross Border Studies conference will run in tandem to help facilitate wide-ranging and informed [...]

TEIN answer to the public consultation "Overcoming obstacles in border regions"

For the last 25 years, the European Union has been investing in cross-border cooperation through Interreg, a financing instrument for regional development across borders. Although much progress has been made, difficulties remain in many areas, such as:

finding jobs
accessing healthcare
pension rights & taxation
having qualifications recognised
overcoming cultural & language differences
accessing public facilities

Although Interreg has been an important [...]



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TEIN at the Opening Conference of the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross-border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM)

Sir Theo Bovens, Limburg Province Governor and Kings Commissioner, speaking at the Gouvernement aan de Maas (the Treaty of Maastricht was signed in this very room!)

ITEM has been launched in Maastricht on Oktober 30th and 31st. The Institute is an initiative of the Maastricht University and is mainly supported by the Limburg Province. It [...]

TEIN attends the European Cross-border Campus Event, 24th and 25th September 2015 in Pau (France)

This two-days event has been organized as a local event of the Open Days 2015 in the framework of EBRoS2020 project (INTERREG POCTEFA project) whose partners are: Campus Iberus (Spain), the University of Zaragoza (Spain), the Public University of Navarra (Spain), the University of Lleida (Spain), the University of La Rioja (Spain), the Federal University [...]

Territorial cooperation in Europe

A historical perspective

This publication seeks to provide a key to understanding the complexity, richness and diversity of the examples of territorial cooperation in Europe and illustrating their role in the process of European integration.

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of Interreg, the European Union instrument to promote cross-border, transnational and interregional

Interreg as a financial instrument was [...]