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What does it mean to be an EU citizen? Results and audio records of the event available!


Human Rights, Civic Rights, Entitlements and Obligations

Monday 11th March 2019
9.30am – 4.30pm – Belfast

Since the publication of the EU Commission’s ‘White paper’ in March 2017, reflections on the future of Europe have taken a growing place on the European and national political agendas. Euroscepticism and rising populism reveal the urgent need to engage civil society in this debate and this is particularly true in border regions. Despite conflictual past experiences, cross-border flows and intercultural engagement have become a part of many citizens’ everyday life. Nevertheless, these regions have not been spared by the rise of populism and the growth of Euroscepticism.
This event is part of a Transfrontier Euro Institut Network (TEIN) project – Engaging civil society in border regions for the future of Europe – funded by the EU Europe for Citizens programme. TEIN formed in 2010, now brings together 15 partners from 9 border regions in Europe. Its partners are universities, research institutes and training centres which are dedicated to the practical business of cross-border cooperation in Europe, all with deep knowledge of their borders’ specificities. The Centre for Cross Border Studies is a founder partner of the TEIN.
This event is the first in a series of five one-day forums, each held in a different border region* and including both a European as well as local dimension. The five seminars will address topics related to the future European political agenda; encouraging citizens to debate their ideas, fears and suggestions for the future of Europe. Participants will be invited to reflect on how they profit from the EU, which aspects need to be improved from their point of view and what they would like to change.

Please click here to access all the audio records of the presentations

Please click here to access the short report of the results of the forum


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