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Call for Applications: 2nd Summer School B/ORDERS IN MOTION 2019

Border-related theoretical Perspectives on Societal Orders, Flight and MigrationSeptember 22 –28, 2019

Europa-University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

The Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION launches its second summer school. This year ́s program invites post-graduate and advanced students with an research interest in the impact of governmental bordering practices on societal orders, flight and international migration.

Border-related theoretical Perspectives on Societal Orders, Flight and Migration

Questions how to adequately respond to flight and migration dominate current global political discourses, with controversies centering on the formation of governmental border demarcation. The dynamics of state border demarcation, flight and migration movements interact in an ambivalent way. While populist agendas of border fortification promise security to resident population against (perceived) external threads, thousands of people who seek safety are losing their lives in the aftermath of border closures. At the same time border establish economic, political and social systems of order and create identity. Yet political discourses consider this complexity of political-territorial border demarcation rarely.

Topical Foci of the Program

The summer school will theoretically and methodologically amplify effects of governmental border demarcation on societal orders, flight and migration.

Five topical foci are at core:

  • a conceptual understanding of state borders
  • perspectives on cross-border state-cooperation as exemplified by Euro-Regions
  • social practices of doing and undoing borders status allocation and social positioning
  • the transformative impact of border-crossing flight and migration movements The combination of these approaches highlights the interdependency of foci (usually studied in isolation in border studies).

Furthermore, we want to reflect on the possibility of fair border arrangements and their interaction on societal orders, flight and migration.

About the summer school ́s program

The summer school ́s Program contains a mixture of various formats which facilitate acquisition and consolidation of knowledge and practice-oriented skills. Renowned scientists from the field of border studies will delve into the five core aspects within their lectures. A continuous tutorial provides space to read selected key texts and discuss with researchers of the Viadrina Centers B/ORDERS IN MOTION. All participants are invited to introduce their own research projects or ideas within speed-presentations. In topic-centered working-groups and together with didactics-professionals, participants will conceptualize and present a border-related tutorial. In the course of the summer school, visits of the Berlin Wall Memorial and the German-polish border are planned.

The Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

The Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION is a central research institution of the University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). The scientific work at the Center is guided by the basic premise to explore the interaction of borders and orders. Bordering processes facilitate the establishing or maintaining of societal orders, which are legally fixed, passed on historically and being expressed symbolically. Orders need border demarcation. We perceive borders as “laboratories” which condense societal developments and therefore allow to study, analyze and anticipate them. As an interdisciplinary institute, the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION initiates and consolidates social, economic and legal analyses of the interaction of borders and orders. The center encourages scientific exchange by organizing workshops, conferences and the lecture series „Research Factory”. The summer school is part of this schedule promoting the advance of young scholars.

Target Audience

The summer school aims at German speaking graduate and advanced students worldwide, who focus on effects of state-border demarcation on societal order, flight and migration. Participants are required to have good German and English language skills. Apart from a few lectures in English, the summer school will be held in German.

Application Procedure and further Information

The summer school offers places to 20 PhD-Students or advanced Master-Students. The assignment of vacancies is bound to an application procedure. In order to apply please hand in a Curriculum Vitae and a Motivational Letter(max. 1 A4 page), which describes your previous preoccupation with border studies, migration and flight and your motivation to participate in the summer school. A reference to the five core aspects is appreciated. Besides information about your educational and academic attainments, please include any courses, internships or practical experiences in the field of migration, flight and border studies.

There is no fee required for attending the summer school. For non-residing participants costs for accommodation in a dormitory located in close-by Słubice (Poland) are covered and a daily lunch at the refectory is provided. Participants have to cover the costs for their travelling to and from the summer school by themselves. In case no other institutional funding for travel costs is at hand, participants may apply for a subsidy of travel expenses by the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION.

Please note in your motivational letter whether you apply for a travel subsidy. Application Letters shall be merged to one PDF and named as following:


The file is to be send via email until 15th of May, 2019, to

You will be informed about the decision until May 31,2019

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