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ITEM Maastricht Symposium : European citizenship: A pie in the sky?

Looking back on 25 years of experiences and challenges ahead

Symposium in honour of Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Jessurun d’Oliveira at the occasion of his 85th birthday

Date: Friday 5 October 2018
Venue: hotel Vaeshartelt (Weert 9, Maastricht)

“Citizenship of the Union is hereby established. Every person holding the nationality of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union.”
Nearly 25 year ago with the entering into force of the Maastricht Treaty on the 1st November 1993, a provision has been introduced into the European treaty system, which proclaimed the institutionalisation of a European citizenship. Initially considered as no more than a symbolic gesture, a “pie in the sky” as Hans Ulrich Jessurun d’Oliveira pointed out so sharply in an article published in 1995, Union Citizenship has evolved remarkably during the past decades.
Since the end of the 1990s, many, sometimes highly controversial rulings from the European Court of Justice have revealed the considerable potential of this concept. EU citizenship, according to several judgements of the Court, is even destined to be the fundamental status of nationals of the Member States. As European citizenship is directly linked, however, to the nationality of a Member States, the discussion on this concept, the possibilities to acquire but also to lose this fundamental status have not ended.

This symposium wants to honour Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich (Ulli) Jessurun d’Oliveira, who turned 85 years recently. Ulli d’Oliveira earned his Doctors degree (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam in 1971. From 1971-1974 he was appointed as ordinary professor of jurisprudence and comparative law at the University of Groningen; followed by an appointment from 1974 – 1989 as ordinary professor of private international law and comparative law at the University of Amsterdam. In the period from 1987-1995, he hold the chair of private international law, comparative law and European law at the European University Institute in Florence. As professor of migration law, he finally returned in 1995 to his alma mater, the University of Amsterdam where he became an emeritus professor in 1998.

During his whole academic career he followed in his numerous publications critically the developments in many areas of law, in particular in the fields of private international law, comparative law, environmental law, European law, nationality law and migration law. Repeatedly, he wrote on the relationship of European citizenship and the nationality law of the Member States. One of his publications on that issue is the already mentioned article “Union Citizenship: A Pie in the Sky?” which serves as title of this symposium.
During this symposium, we want to look back together with Ulli on the developments during the past 25 years since the introduction of the concept Union Citizenship but we certainly want to address as well the challenges faced by the European Union and the concept of Union Citizenship at this very moment.

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