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“Enhancing Capacities of Regions and Cities for Better Cross-Border Cooperation“

“Enhancing Capacities of Regions and Cities for Better Cross-Border Cooperation“ 

Workshop – 10/10/2017 – 14.30

Room JDE-51, Jacques Delors Building, 99-101 rue Belliard, Brussels


The TEIN (Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network) and its associated partners the MOT (Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière) and the AEBR (Association of European Border Regions) as well as the CESCI (Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives) and DG Regio/European Commission are very pleased to invite you to the workshop they organize in the framework of the European Week of the Regions and Cities in Brussels on 10.10.2017.

If you are a political representative, an actor of cross border cooperation (CBC) in an administration, a Cross-Border (CB) structure, an INTERREG project, or a representative of an EU Institution dealing with CB issues and you want to improve your capacities and/or those of your colleagues, you are facing obstacles and you want to know more about initiatives, instruments or projects that could help you to overcome those in the future: this workshop is for you!

Indeed, after the initiative of the Luxemburgish Presidency proposing a new legal tool for CBC and the CB Review implemented by DG Regio as well as in the course of the Communication of the Commission on CBC to be published in September 2017, four actors of CBC (TEIN, AEBR, MOT, CESCI) acting at all level in Europe decided to join forces in order to build capacities of European Regions and Cities as well as more generally actors of CBC and thereby contribute to the elimination of obstacles faced by CB actors.

The CB Review expressed the need for a “platform” to ensure the capitalization of knowledge and experiences on issues related to CBC. The objective of the consortium is to answer to this concrete need which has also been identified at the local stakeholders’ level.

After the presentation of the Communication of the Commission entitled “Harnessing the potential of European border regions”, the primary aim of the workshop is to inform participants about ongoing initiatives, projects and tools which may help them to improve policy making in CB contexts and manage CB Projects more effectively.

Furthermore, the idea is to enable participants to share their needs with panelists and subsequently discuss potential solutions that could be implemented by our partnership in close cooperation with DG Regio and that would directly support Regions and Cities in their actions.

The results of the workshop will be discussed and analyzed by a representative of DG Regio.

Thus, the workshop will enable a decrease in disparities between CB actors regarding their knowledge, skills and experience in order to ultimately improve the quality of life for citizens in CB regions.

After the workshop, the panelists and the participants will meet around a networking session which should be a further possibility for participants to express general but also local needs and enable bilateral discussions with the panelists. The networking session will also give the opportunity to participants to discover two publications produced by the panelists which can be helpful for them in their work.


 Moderation: Anne HOFMANN, Euro-Institut/TEIN

14.30   Welcome and presentation of the aims of the workshop

14.40   The Cross-Border Review and the Communication “Harnessing the potential of European border regions”

Nathalie VERSCHELDE, DG Regio

15.00   Presentation of the panelists and their different level of actions




Birte WASSENBERG, University of Strasbourg/TEIN – Joachim BECK, Euro-Institut/TEIN

15.15   Presentation of the different projects, initiatives and tools to answer the needs for enhancing capacities of CB actors and overcome CB obstacles

  • ECBC (European Cross-Border Convention) ; Multi-level platform ; Online forum on obstacles resolution – Jean PEYRONY, MOT
  • Cross-Border School, Interreg Volonteer Youth, Cross Border Academia, Online Cross-Border Platform – Martin GUILLERMO-RAMIREZ, AEBR
  • The Legal accessibility project at the Hungarian Borders, Development of Training Curriculum for CB Actors – Gyula OCSKAY, CESCI
  • Jean Monnet project on « conflict and cooperation », Interdisciplinary Research Project, Dictionary of CBC, Training Manual on intercultural CB project management – Birte WASSENBERG, University of Strasbourg/TEIN – Joachim BECK, Euro-Institut/TEIN

15.55   Discussion around these tools

  • Feedback from DG Regio – Nathalie VERSCHELDE, DG Regio
  • Feedback from the participants

16.25   Discussion and analysis of further needs

16.50   Perspectives

17.00   Networking session

  • Presentation of two publications
    • the RECERC special edition on “Cross-Border Cooperation in Europe” directed by Martine Camiade and Birte Wassenberg (RECERC is the online Journal of the Catalan Study Consortium)
    • B. Wassenberg (ed) Caslte-talks on Cross-border cooperation. Fear of integration? The pertinence of the border, Steiner Verlag Stuttgart 2017
    • Further/Bilateral Discussions between participants and panelists


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