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Centre for Cross Border Studies - Annual 2016 Conference "Bordering between Unions: what does the UK Referendum on Europe mean for us? - 18-19 February 2016, Dundalk

Prime Minister David Cameron hopes to secure renegotiated terms for the United Kingdom’s EU membership at the European Council summit on the 18th-19th of February, which is to be put before the public in an ‘In-Out’ referendum.

This year’s annual Centre for Cross Border Studies conference will run in tandem to help facilitate wide-ranging and informed discussions on the likely economic, social and political implications of a UK withdrawal or the possible reforms leading to its continuing membership upon these islands and upon the wider future direction of Europe. By bringing together a vast range of experienced parliamentarians, business leaders, academics and officials from across these islands and Europe, this conference promises to provide a timely and much needed forum for discussion on these historic events.

Since the UK and Ireland joined the European Community over 40 years ago, both parts of the island of Ireland have experienced seismic developments. Northern Ireland has emerged from a violent conflict, largely as a more prosperous region with a devolved administration. The Republic of Ireland’s return to Europe has been marked by a comparatively heightened international status, with a seat at the European table, a highly integrated market and a shared currency with 19 member states.

Given the unique ties between our neighbouring jurisdictions, largely owing to a shared land border, the prospect of a UK withdrawal from the EU has created a climate of uncertainty. Likewise, as the UK Conservative Government drives for a reformed relationship with the rest of Europe on behalf of the devolved regions, the likelihood of an internal constitutional crisis emerging with strained relations between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, has fostered a sense of insecurity regarding the future shape and direction of both Unions of nations.

The Centre for Cross Border Studies, “Bordering Between Unions” conference taking place on the 18th and 19th of February in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dundalk, will provide an essential space for the debate leading up to a crucial referendum for future generations.

Registration for our 2016 conference in Dundalk (18th-19th February 2016) is now open and all are welcome to attend.

A preliminary edition of the conference programme and a copy of the booking form are both available from here.                                   


If you require further information about the administration of the Conference including registration, access needs, room bookings and stalls, please contact Eimear Donnelly at: or call 028 3751 8282  (replace 028 with 048 when dialling from Republic of Ireland).

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