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TEIN at the Opening Conference of the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross-border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM)

Sir Theo Bovens, Limburg Province Governor and Kings Commissioner, speaking at the Gouvernement aan de Maas (the Treaty of Maastricht was signed in this very room!)

ITEM has been launched in Maastricht on Oktober 30th and 31st. The Institute is an initiative of the Maastricht University and is mainly supported by the Limburg Province. It aims at addressing the obstacles to cross-border cooperation in the Eurégio Maas-Rhine and finding solutions through fundamental and applied research, teaching and education, knowledge-sharing and dialogue activities, as well as developing data-bases. To that end, ITEM is planning to work with the Euregio stakeholders, and beyond !

Indeed, ITEM wishes to exchange and work beyond the Euregio, together with other Institutes and borders and with TEIN in particular. In their respective speeches, Sir Theo Bovens , Limburg Province Governor and Kings Commissioner, and Dr. Schneider, Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Maastricht, both confirmed their willingness for cooperation with the TEIN. In this respect, the Euro-Institute has been invited to take an active role in this event and to run one of the workshops and the Centre for Cross Border Studies was also attending the event. Ideas for concrete cooperation in the TEIN framework have been further discussed.

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