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Hauts-de-France Region

Neighbour of Belgium and the United Kingdom, bordering one of the busiest straits in the world, the Hauts-de-France Region is located at the main crossroads of Europe.

Interreg programs
The Region is the managing authority of 3 cooperation programs for the 2014-2020 period : Interreg A 2 seas, Interreg B NWE and Interreg Europe. It is also national authority for the INTERREG France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen program.

The Region is member of several European networks to insure, with other local authorities, the promotion of common interest and cooperate on practical projects to value their assets (MOT, CPMR, ERRIN, EGTC Eurometropole, EGTC West-Vlaanderen Flandre-Dunkerque-Côte d’Opale…). With those partnerships, Hauts-de-France develops and promotes cross-border integration and a common view of the future .

Due to its strategic position in Europe, the Hauts-de-France Regional Council built strong links with its neighbours, especially with Kent, Wallonia and West-Flanders on issues of economic development, the environment and apprenticeship.

Brussels Office
Since 1989, Hauts-de-France Europe is present in the heart of the EU quarter in Brussels defending the region’s interests. The Hauts-de-France is part of the Regional Council’s Europe Directorate and works to ensure EU, regional and local policies are closely aligned.
The team in Brussels is on hand whenever the Regional Council and organizations from Hauts-de-France need help with their EU affairs.

Training seminars
The Hauts-de-France region also organizes training seminars for regional actors on several EU funding such as Creative Europe, Interreg programs, Life+…

Promoting Europe for the young
Every year, the competition “demain j’Europe” (“tomorrow I will Europe”) invites high school pupils to invent the Europe of tomorrow.

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