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Meeting 6 - Kehl, Germany

The 6th meeting in Kehl was well attended by 19 participants representing the TEIN partners (the Polish/Czech Partners have been excused due to health reasons).

Real progress has been made on consolidating TEIN as a sustainable entity with a number of decisions made about a future programme of work and establishing the public profile of the Network.

Core element of this sixth meeting was the preparation of the TEIN conference that will take place on the 10th July 2012 in Brussels.  Reflecting the aims of the 6th and for now ‘last official meeting’ of the ‘TEIN I PERIOD’ the convention was held in the following agenda format:

 1. Welcome University of Applied Sciences Kehl; Prof. Dr. Ewald Eisenberg

2. Report from the last meeting; Anne Thevenet

3. Actual points; Anne Thevenet

4. Feed-backs on:

  • Language group; Martine Camiade/Milena Grion
  • Europe for citizen project;  Andy Pollak
  • Discussion on the INTERACT Potentialities; Andy Pollak, Sebastian Rihm
  • Charter – last modifications; Anne Thevenet

5. Grids and Sheets; Anne Thevenet

6. TEIN Website – last checks; Sebastian Rihm

 7. Conference in Brussels; Joachim Beck

  • Participants/ Invitation procedure
  • Organization/Costs
  • Communication
  • Programme
  • Letter of Intent

8. Outlook: Future Tools and Projects; Joachim Beck

  1. Interdisciplinary Manual and Dictionary of the cross-border cooperation
  2. Database and Research activities of TEIN
  3. Future Initiatives / Services of TEIN (positioning as an Expert Pool, offering project team solutions, personalised competences on the net)

9. Last report for Leonardo Partnership; Anne Thevenet

  • EST-Database
  • Microcosmi
  • Formular                               

10.  Next steps – Anne Thevenet

  • PAT-TEIN: work-programme

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