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Meeting 5 - Banyuls, France

The network is growing together!

The Members of the Transfrontier Euro-Institut Network (TEIN) got together in the Catalan city Banyuls near the Spanish-French border for their 5th meeting which took place at the 6th and 7th February. The meeting was hosted by the local TEIN partners: the EICT -Euro-Institut Catalan Transfontalier-, a project of the University of Perpignan (UPVD) and of the University of Girona (UdG).

Much has happened since the last session in Armagh (Northern Ireland) in the end of October, which was hold in connection with the International Conference on Impact Assessment. In the meantime, TEIN has taken various strategic actions that will deepen the further cooperation and strengthen the network.

Thus, chaired by the Euro-Institut, TEIN has repeatedly competed for European funding in the scope of the LEONARDO – Transfer of Innovation programme. The new project is aiming at a transfer of know-how within the network regarding tools/skills that are established and approved in the Upper-Rhine region.  This exchange will lead to a professionalization of the actors in the field of cross-border cooperation – accordingly the designative name “Professionalization of Actors of Transfrontier Cooperation” (PAT) has been given to the project.

In view of the increasing importance of cross-border cooperation accompanied by the need of professionalization, TEIN is also planning, together with additional strategic partners – the MOT (Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière) and the AGEG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Europäischen Grenzregionen) – , a conference about the topic “The future of European territorial Cooperation: Capacity building in cross-border territories“. It will take place the 10 July 2012 in Brussels, in the building of the permanent representation of the German state Baden-Württemberg. More information about this event will be furnished in the near future.

Furthermore, the members of the network are currently working intensively on an online-representation. In doing this, the network reacts on the one hand to a growing interest in TEIN, its members and activities, on the other hand to the increasing integration of the network itself. The TEIN-website will soon be officially opened and can be awaited with keen interest.

In addition, the TEIN-partners will take advantage of their 5th meeting in Banyuls to organize, after the formal TEIN-meeting, a one-day training or multiplier workshop within the network which will be based on the Impact Assessment Toolkits elaborated by the Centre for Cross Border Studies and the Euro-Institut.

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