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Centre for Cross Border Studies

Publications, journals and books

Provides management support for a number of cross-border and all-Ireland networks in higher education, teacher education and spatial planning:

  • UniversitiesIreland (7 universities inIrelandand 2 inNorthern Ireland)
  • Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS)(34 universities, colleges of education, teaching and curriculum councils and other providers of teacher education on theislandofIreland)
  • Irish-African Partnership forResearchCapacityBuilding(9 Irish universities and universities inMalawi,Mozambique,TanzaniaandUganda)
  • International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD)(university-based spatial planners in universities inIreland,Northern Irelandand the USA)

Operates five cross-border websites:

The following is a selection of the more than 50 cross-border published research studies, journals and books published by the Centre and its associated networks (particularly SCoTENS and ICLRD) since 2001:

  • The Evolution of Telecom Technologies: Current trends and near-future implications (2001)
  • Cross-border cooperation in Health Services in Ireland (2001)
  • Ireland’s Learning Poor: Educational disadvantage and cross-border cooperation (2001)
  • Creating Living Institutions: EU cross-border cooperation after the Good Friday Agreement (2001)
  • Cross-border Cooperation  in Local Government: models of management, development and reconciliation (2001)
  • The Foot-and-Mouth Disease Crisis and the Irish Border (2002)
  • Promoting Mental Health and Social Well-Being: cross-border opportunities and challenges (2002)
  • The Local History Project: cooperation North and South (2003)
  • Towards a Green Isle? Local sustainable development on the island of Ireland (2004)
  • Diversity in Early Years Education North and South: implications for teacher education (2004)
  • Citizenship and Science: the connecting axes (2005)
  • Teacher Education for Citizenship in Diverse Societies (2005)
  • Improving Government Service Delivery to Minority Ethnic Groups; Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland (2006)
  • Teacher Education and Schools: Together towards improvement (2006)
  • The Wind Across the Border (2007) [collection of training essays]
  • Together towards Inclusion: toolkit for diversity in the primary school (2007)
  • Teaching in the Knowledge Society (2007)
  • School Leadership Policy and Practice, North and South (2008)
  • A review of Science Outreach Strategies, North and South (2008)
  • Mental Health: the case for a cross-jurisdictional approach combining policy and research efforts on the island of Ireland (2009)
  • Becoming a Teacher: primary student teachers as learners and teachers of history, geography and science – an all-Ireland study (2009)
  • Professional Development for post-primary Special Education Needs in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (2009)
  • Newry-Dundalk Twin City Region: supporting the implementation of cross-border collaborative frameworks (2009)
  • Rural Restructuring: local sustainable solutions to the rural challenge (2009)
  • Exploring the potential for Cross-Border Hospital Services in the Irish Border Region: the role of community involvement in planning hospital services (2010)
  • Valuing Education Technology in Schools in Ireland, North and South (2010)
  • Reflective Practice: challenges for teacher education, North and  South (2010)
  • All Change but Any Alignment? The impact of the proposed governance and planning reforms across the island of Ireland on inter-jurisdictional planning (2010 – published online)
  • Delineating Functional Territories across the island of Ireland: an initial scoping (2010 – published online)
  • The Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland (six editions: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011)
  • Borderlands: The Journal of Spatial Planning in Ireland (2011)
  • Books
  • Multiculturalism: the View from the two Irelands (2001)
  • Can the Celtic Tiger cross the Irish Border? (2001)
  • Towards a Culture of Human Rights in Ireland (2001)

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